The advantage of internal ball circulation nut is that the outer diameter is smaller than that of external ball circulation nut. Hence it is suitable for the machine with limit space for ballscrew installation. It is strictly required that there is at least one end of screw shaft with complete threads. Also the rest area next to this complete thread must be with smaller diameter than the nominal diameter of the screw shaft. Above are required for easy assembling the ballnut onto the screw shaft.

The end deflector series ball screws type, circulation system use high rigidity and against material of strong plastic. The specially designed pathway of the circulation system makes a contact with lead angle and also with ball circle diameter (BCD) in the same tangency , improving its smoothness effectively. The ballnut diameter reduces 20%~25% substantially and the length of nut is shorter. Application in high-rigidity、lower-noise and high-lead.

The conventional type of ballnut of the external circulation ballscrews ,using return tube circulation system, Offers better solution and quality for general lead or large diameter ball screws.

The specially designed pathway makes a ball circle diameter (BCD) into the return tube by tangency direction to match the direction of lead angle. Offer smooth ball circulation to improve lifetime and reduce noise level.

Focused on improvement of contact points of balls and thread grooves,ball diameter and circulation system for new type. The rated dynamic load has been increased to as two times as that of conventional type, FSVC.

End cap series use the through hold which crosses both end of nut to consist a close loop. End cap and wiper are one-piece make the shortest length of nut. Application in high-lead and multiple thread grooves of ball screws.

External circulation system, it don't need to have at least once end with complete thread to the end of ballscrew for ballnut assemble to screw shaft. The special design of ballnut, so the size of ballnut is the same as internal circulation system of ballnut, Space saving. Hence it is suitable for the φ6~φ16 of shaft diameter and under φ2 of ball diameter of ball screws.

Application in semiconductor equipments / Measuring devices / Inspection equipments / Nano-platform

Standard Type Series