Ball Chain LM Guideways (SME)

Initially one of the major differences between ball bearings and Linear Guide Bearings was that the ball bearings use a cage to separate the balls, whereas the linear guide bearings do not. But since the early 2000s the LM Guide manufacturers began to introduce the new version of LM Guides with chain structure in order to reduce noise, improve life, and improve the performance.

In any bearing, when the balls are free to move without the guidance of a cage or chain, they make contact with each other due to different speeds that occur as the balls enter and exit the load zone. This contact generates friction and audible noise. A ball chain prevents the balls from contacting each other reduces friction, and therefore, heat, which prolongs the life of the bearing or nut.

Features of Ball Chain LM Guide

Low NoiseImproved PerformanceImproved LifeReduced Friction
Reduced HeatLess LubricationImproved dynamic load ratingSelf Alignment
Self Alignment:

The self-adjustment is performed spontaneously as the design of the face-face (DF) circular arc groove. Therefore, the installation error could be compensated even under a preload, and which results in precise and smooth linear motion.

No Deviation in Ball Alignment
The Optimization Design of Four Directional Load:

Through the structure stress analysis, the SME series have four trains of balls are designed to a circular contact angle of 45° and the section design for high rigidity. Except for bearing heavier loads in radial, reverse radial, and lateral directions, a sufficient preload can be achieved to increase rigidity, and this makes it suitable for any kind of installation.

Noise Level:

When we compared the running noise of the Ball-type guide (MSA) with the ball chain type guide (SME) under similar running conditions, it was found out that the SME series was 9dB lower than the MSA series.

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