Roller Guideways

The full roller type linear guideway, MSR series, equipped with rollers instead of the ball, and therefore the MSR series can provide higher rigidity and loading than the normal type with the same size. Especially suit for the requests of high accuracy, heavy load, and high rigidity.


Ultra Heavy Load:

MSR linear guideway through rollers has a line contact with carriage and rail. Relative to the general type linear guideway through balls have a point contact; the MSR type linear guideway can offer lower elastic deformation while bearing the same load.

The Optimization Design of Four Directional Load:

Through the structure stress analysis of finite element method, SMR series have four trains of rollers are designed to a contact angle of 45° and the section design for high rigidity. Except for bearing heavier loads in radial, reversed radial and lateral directions, a sufficient preload can be achieved to increase rigidity, and this makes it suitable for any kind of installation.

Advantages of PMI Roller Guideways

  1. Special Crowning Design: PMI uses the rollers with a controlled contour to prevent to cause the stress concentration at two ends of the roller.

2. PMI Roller Factory: PMI has a specially dedicated factory for production of rollers. In case of any sudden increase in demand, the first item to get the shrotage is the Roller Guideways because of the production of rollers. This factory can eliminate such kind of shortage.

3. Hardness of LM Guide: The below image comparison shows the hardness difference between PMI and other brands. This image was captured inside a user’s factory.

4. Sub-Zero Treatment: All the LM Blocks of PMI undergo Sub Zero treatment, viz. the blocks are cooled under the room temperature, to remove the elasticity and to stabilize the material.

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