Linear Guideways

Linear Guideway is one of the important elements of the machine tool. Its main function is to make sure that the cutting tool or machine tool element moves along a predetermined path. LM Guide provides smooth and linear motion in machine tools, due to which higher accuracy and precision can be obtained.

A linear guideway allows a type of linear motion that utilizes elements such as rolling balls. By using recirculating elements between rail and block, linear guideways can achieve high precision linear motion and greatly enhanced moving accuracy.

Construction of LM Guideway

LM Guideway consists of 3 parts viz., Main Structure (Rail & Block), Ball Circulating Systems (Balls, lower and upper retainer, and end caps) and Dust Protection Parts (End seals)

Basic Material used in LM Guideways is HCHCR – High Carbon High Chromium Bearing Steel. Whereas it can also be made in Stainless Steel Material. 

Features of LM Guideways

High Positioning Accuracy, High RepeatabilityLow Frictional Resistance, High Precision Maintained for long periodHigh Rigidity with Four-Way Row DesignSuitable for High Speed OperationEasy Installation with easy Interchangeability

The optimum design of geometric mechanics makes the linear guideway to bear the load in all four directions, radial, reversed radial, and two lateral directions. Due to the characteristic of low frictional resistance, the required driving force is much lower than in other systems, thus the power consumption is small. Moreover, the interchangeability of the linear guideway gives convenience for installation and future maintenance.

How to use LM Guideways

As shown in the diagram besides, the mounting of the rail to the bed takes place through the holes provided on the rail.

And the mounting of block to the table takes place provided by the holes on the block.

Types of Linear Guideways and PMI Classification

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