Accessories for LM Guideways

Linear Guideways consists for many small parts and components which usually can get weared during the course of its running. These parts can easily be replaced, so everytime you do not have to buy a new block.
Generally the basic construction of LM Guideway we have seen in our other post ( and most of there basic items are readily available with us.

In addition to replacement of the parts, Linear Guideways also has a feature to attach additional protections and covers. There additional parts can sometimes protect your LM Block and substancially increase the life of your Guide. In this blog, we will explain about these differnent attachments in detail.

Contamination Protection

Below images shows the basic seals and scrappers which are used on the LM Blocks for contamination protection. These parts restrict dust or any tiny particles to insert into the ball track and help to prevent wear.

Generally these Accessories are readily available with us in stock and they are easy to install.

HD Enhanced Dust Proof Protection:

This is a special PMI design dust protection seal for special application especially for wood working machines. One of the feature is that the size of seal is same as the normal seal but the effectiveness is double compared to it. Below is the image showing its structure.

Cover Strip:

A special designed of cover strip is used to cover the bolt hole to prevent the foreign matters from entering the carriage. This is a stainless steel material stip which also prevents rusting for a long amount of time. Cover strips come in different sizes depending on the rail dimensions, and the best feature is that it is very easy to install. Below is a reference image for your understanding.

SL Lubricator:

This is an oil reserviour which is equipped with a high-density fiber net. Through this fiber net the lubricant can be steadily fed onto the surface of raceway to satisfy the required lubricating function. Generally this kits are use when there is no possibility of providing an external lubrication to the LM Rail. The features include – lengthening the interval between maintenance of blocks, reduction in cost, prevents pollution, and enables the most suitable oil for the purpose of use.

Lubrication Setting:

Generally we know there are 2 types of lubricants used viz. grease and oil. In order to provide a lubrication we need a specific connector. PMI also has developoed different standard sizes and shapes of connectors for oil as well as grease lubrications. All these are generally available in stock and can be easily attached and selected based on your application.

With PMI and Superslides, one does not have to worry about the selection of the specific Guideways, we can help you through this process. All standard and mentioned items are majorly available in stock. For any queries or requirements feel free to contact us on or call us on 022-49355555.